Ask 3 Questions To Experiential Marketers About Pop-up Containers, Brand Models, & Parade Floats

There are many methods experiential marketing companies use to activate each campaign. This could range from having traveling experiential vehicle tours, pop-up containers, a parade float, street team promotions, product launch events, or a simple product sampling campaign using specialized brand models. When brands first interact with an experiential marketing company it is of vital importance to ask the right questions in order to better target their customers and ensure the success of the proposed campaign.

Therefore, these are the 3 questions every brand should ask an experiential marketing company when it comes to pop-up containers, brand models, and parade floats:

Pop-Up Containers

Using them for different experiential events has grown in popularity throughout the years. They may be used for different campaigns, either to build brand awareness, test consumer markets, promote new products, promote new business, or create experiential marketing experiences. These containers have become a growing trend and a favorite among new companies.

When dealing with pop-up containers the first question that a brand needs to ask is:

Question #1:  “Is a Pop-up container activation ideal for my brand?”

No matter if it is a major company or an emerging brand, pop-up containers are the ideal experiential marketing campaign for any brand. They can be incorporated into any experiential marketing experience. No matter the size or type of the campaign, Pop-Up containers are ideal to create a buzz and perfect for any brand looking to interact directly with the consumer.

Brand Models

Brand models represent a brand by interacting directly with the consumers. Root³ Productions has a large network of trained brand models that are custom selected to represent each brand.

Brand models represent a brand by interacting directly with the consumers. Root³ Productions has a large network of trained brand models that are custom selected to represent each brand.

During any experiential marketing campaign, it is of vital importance to have the right brand models for your brand. Brand models are there to represent each brand by engaging with the consumers. Experiential marketing campaigns give consumers the opportunity to interact directly with each brand, and the brand models are there to be the medium between the brands and the consumers. It is really essential that the experiential agency find a group of specialized brand models that will represent a certain brand correctly. Having the correct brand models in each event will be a key element to determine the success of the marketing campaign.

For this reason, the question to always ask an experiential marketing agency when hiring brand models is:

Question #2:  “What makes your brand models ideal for my campaign?”

First and foremost, the goals of each program need to be identified, whether it is to generate leads, sample products, create new sales, engage with the consumers, or just promote an experience. Brand models must know what they are doing and they must represent the brand and its goals. Brand model selection must never be taken for granted since it is the most vital element to successfully communicate each brand to the targeted consumer.

Parade Floats

Participating at a parade is the best way for a brand to target a specific group in each market.

Participating in a parade is the best way for a brand to target a specific group in each market.

One of the most fun ways to promote a brand or a product through an event is by participating in parades. Floats are the ideal way to generate awareness or target a specific market or group. Parades target a specific location and can reach up to thousands of people depending on the size and theme of the parade. Additionally, it is also a great way to be promoted on social media or traditional media channels. Parades are live events, where brands can show their fun side and interact directly with the consumer. Anything is possible when it comes to floats; they can be fully customized to communicate a message and promote a product.

Consequently, the question to ask an experiential marketing agency when planning to participate in a parade with a float is:

Question #3:  “How can we target our ideal consumer and follow the parade’s regulations?”

It is of extreme importance to set the budget before committing to a float. Once the budget is set, it is up to the experiential company to be able to create a design that will follow all the regulations that any parade may have. Some parades have a long list of requirements and it is up to the experiential agency to find a creative way to deliver the best product and still target the ideal consumer.

There are a lot of different elements that will determine the ultimate success of an experiential marketing program. It is of significant importance that the right questions are asked during the planning process. The experiential marketing agency needs to have the right resources and a talented staff to be able to deliver an impeccable program. Companies like Roots3 Productions can guide brands to be able to achieve their goals, whether it is to activate with a container pop-up, select the ideal brand models or participate in a parade.

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