Bothered By Traditional Advertising? Go Experiential!

Bothered by traditional advertising?  Go experiential!

Ad blindness is happening all around us,

in fact, on the internet, many people don’t even see ads anymore because they’re so frequent.  Television?  Most viewers have the ability to fast forward and considering how many people have Netflix or similar viewing platforms, most don’t even see commercials anymore. And print publications are slowly becoming obsolete due to rising demand of web media. Is there a better way to promote a new product

other than by actually presenting them with it in hand?

Of course not.

Two of our Icelandic Glacial Brand Models pose in front of our custom built sampling double decker bus tour in Los Angeles.

Two of our Icelandic Glacial Brand Models pose in front of our custom built sampling double decker bus tour in Los Angeles.

Remember our campaign with Icelandic Glacial Water?  We place product in the consumer’s hand every chance we could through a mobile tour on a custom double decker bus in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. Giving the product a feel, a taste and memorable spotlight for the consumer defines experiential marketing. This style of advertisement will drive consumers to purchase product due to the nature and positive experience with the brand itself.

Picture of the truck with hatches shut

Our Tito’s Handmade Vodka truck served drinks to attendees.

Another qualified option is to use a custom branded vehicle. The best way to make a consumer understand the product is to put it in front of them.  Similar to our Tito’s On Tour activation that spanned 66 Days and traveled from New York City to San Francisco with Tito’s Handmade Vodka. Within the tour itself, along with interactive games like Plinko and Corn Hole, we provided tasting of the product to the consumer and props to give the consumers a positively memorable brand experience. We gave consumers insight as to what it’s like to celebrate with Tito’s Handmade Vodka, which they are going to remember when shopping for vodka and they see Tito’s Handmade Vodka on the shelf. It’s the experience and the imprint in their mind that is important.  This is why the style of marketing that we do is incomparable to any other form of advertisement.

Although there are a handful of additional reasons as to why we would pursue an experiential campaign, we have explored a couple of top methods and demonstrated an understanding of how important it is to increase viewership through an emotional connection rather than a static advertisement. Experiential Marketing is certainly a way forward for brands to connect with their consumer and drive further awareness while utilizing an exciting, new platform.

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