Brad Magers and Doug Cowie in front of the Tito's display

President, Brad Magers, and Director, Doug Cowie as seen on the final day of the 66-day national tour for Tito’s On Tour.

Brand Activation Teamwork

At Roots³ Productions, we have developed a seamless strategy to ensure all live events, brand activations and productions are completely streamlined to create an efficient and enjoyable experience for every party involved.

In completing an outline of duties for the day of production, per role, in the Experiential Marketing Department, we have created a system to avoid error and confusion with an industry filled with millions of moving parts, added components, and endless possibilities.

Below is a rough sketch of how our team operates to create the best possible experience from an agency, to a client, to a fan or consumer.



  • Arrive on-site at the pre-determined time
  • Check in with Director
  • Check in with Brand Models, Vendors, and all Staff
  • Survey space to ensure garbage, clutter and the area is ready for activation and all arrivals
  • Once activation team has arrived, arrange a meeting to run through staging, roles, a key brand message(s) and overall activation schedule
  • During activation, Project Manager is to maintain the activation space, restock branded collateral, remove trash, de-clutter space, check in with team(s) and ensure each component of the activation is running seamlessly
  • Project Manager will take photos and capture content as requested and needed by the client and/or Director
    • Should there be an area of concern, Project Manager is to report to the on-site Director immediately for resolution
  • Upon completion of the activation, Project Manager is to personally release the brand activation team of their daily job, survey space and take inventory to avoid any missing activation items, and leave space cleaner than how it was discovered.
Brad Magers and Doug Cowie by the Heidi booth

President, Brad Magers, and Director, Doug Cowie produced the Heidi by Heidi Klum activation in Herald Square, New York City in collaboration with Macy’s.


  • Arrive on-site at the pre-determined time
  • Once Project Manager has checked in and confirmed all teams are a go, Director will confirm with the client
  • Director is to be a part and offer insight during the team meeting prior to the launch of the activation
  • Director will maintain client relations throughout the brand activation and make necessary adjustments (within reason) as directed by the client
    • Determining the level of the adjustment, the Director may give the Project Manager direction to make these adjustments; otherwise, the Director will step in and make appropriate, high-level decisions for the success of the activation.
  • Upon completion of the activation, Director is to connect with the client on satisfaction, future changes and overall experience which will be reported to CEO/President.


Should an instance arise where additional Brand Models are required, Director must be notified immediately and will work in tandem with Project Manager to secure talent as directed. Once talent is chosen, Director will initiate required paperwork by filling in the contractual terms and sending out as a pdf, closed file document. Further, before any brand model begins an activation, all paperwork required by the Finance Department, must be completed, submitted and approved by the VP of Finance.

*There will be one streamlined communication method between Client -> Director -> Project Manager -> Activation Team to avoid confusion and misinterpreted information.

Our duo on-site team, as outlined above, permits an unstoppable force of creativity, intellect, and experience that continues to produce events, activations and live productions at the highest level of excellence. As we strive to make it our personal goals each time, the success we bring to our clients is wholeheartedly due to our teamwork mentality and it is exactly this component that you can’t buy, but be gifted to by connecting with Roots³ Productions.

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