The Experience Is Just The Beginning

As most people think about experiential marketing, they consider a truck driving through an area advertising a product; and they would be right!  Our experiential marketing captures audiences’ beliefs and turns them upside-down to get them to know everything they can about a product and ultimately create an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer.

Visitors wait in line to test out the Godiva truck

Visitors wait in line to test out the Godiva truck

Social Media Impressions

When reviewing our experience with Godiva, we often think about how all guests were able to try new products and form new thoughts about the brand.  Sure, it’s a wonderful time for all, but that’s not where it ends.  These kinds of promotions create thousands of online impressions as well.  Facebook?  Twitter?  Instagram? Yes!  Think of the shares, think of the new followers, and most notably, the impressions.

Even though we may be specific to one city for a certain activation, people all around the country and world are able to see what is happening live on social media platforms.

Experiential Effects

The experiential activation may be a few days, but the effects are much greater.  What are a few hundred new followers worth?  Is the benefit of many new likes and more individuals looking for your product worth the moment it took for you to post a new picture of the campaign?  Best of all, are the memories that are now planted in your consumer’s minds which will lead them to become continual customers worth the effort?  Of course!

You control everything.  It’s your brand.  It’s your creation.  It’s your expression.  When you are managing an experiential activation it’s up to you to facilitate the manner in which your consumers see you.  It’s the practical experience that forms in their minds of the impression they will have.  It’s not just shouting that you have a new product, it’s giving consumers the opportunity to use it, touch it, feel it and experience it. We use this to understand not only why they want, but why they want to be part of your brand.  Individual loyalty is very real and there’s no better way to build it than by being present with your consumers and letting them see and understand the entire experience with you.  It’s this sense of belonging that sets our clients apart from all else and allows our experiential executions to reach a level of excellence that supersedes any standard in the advertising industry.

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