Five Reasons To Consider Experiential Marketing

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Possibly at this point you are thinking about starting an experiential marketing campaign but you aren’t quite sure if it’s the right fit for your brand. Sure, they look cool, but is it really the right marketing option for you? Here are five reasons to consider it:

Is experiential marketing right for you?

Is experiential marketing right for you?

  1. It generates buzz (online and off)

Experiential marketing campaigns catch people’s attention. Regardless of if they’re in a big city like New York or Miami people are sure to see whatever is going on and become interested. This style of advertising is practically a party for your brand, so everyone will want to join. And believe us, there is no better way to get people talking about your brand, and this is doubly so while

considering that connections are formed through emotional experiences like the kind people have when they visit an experiential marketing promotion. It gets buzz that not only keeps people talking about your brand, they will remember it moreso than all others.

And then there’s the online component. Our first Godiva activation generated 427,000 impressions in 5 days. You’re not just reaching people in the city, you’re reaching people online everywhere! It’s like the saying, “perception is reality.” You can create a favorable perception throughout the internet related to people posting on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. And there is no more efficient way to let people know about your new products (if the purpose of your advertising was to promote a new product). Without question, there are advantages to getting the word out about your brand with experiential marketing.

  1. You get immediate customer feedback

    Our Godiva activation generated over 400,000 impressions

    Our Godiva activation generated over 400,000 impressions

Anytime you interact with a customer you might get to know their feedback about your product. Experiencing your product live presents a moment for people to tell you exactly what they feel, what they like, what they don’t like, and what their earliest thoughts are. This response is invaluable especially when you are releasing a new product.

This feedback can be used not only to improve the product in the future, but to leverage in future marketing campaigns. Because your customers are the people who can give you the best suggestions, you can place value on what they say. You can talk to them. What do they like about your product against your competitors? Why do they order your products? How long have they been using them? All of this data can be used in a useful manner to further tailor your wares to meet your customers’ needs.

It lets you answer any questions a customer might have about your product, too. Say someone is trying out a new release and they aren’t sure what it’s for, or how something works? You will have brand models there to eliminate every concern they may have and keep the customer happy. Many people love talking to the companies that make the products they like.

  1. Customers don’t see it as advertising

This is an important point. When most people think of how products are released, they think about advertising. Usually company will advertise their brand in many ways. When you are leading an activation in contrast, your customers will see it as an experience. This is the reason the experiential is so useful in forming memories with your customers. Individuals who attend are getting an experience with your brand and your employees and feel as if they are a part of it instead of a consumer. This is the foundation for why people often buy products they have had a good experience with.

It’s not even advertising.

It’s an experience.

It’s a journey.

It’s an impression.

Consumers will feel as if they are a part of your brand. It’s this subtle difference that causes attendees to have good feelings toward your brand and remember you in the future. This point is explored to much higher degrees in our blog about memory formation.

This is part of the reason that brand loyalty exists. When someone has a personal experience with a company it tends to last in their mind and they don’t even consider other brands. Loyalty is an impressive emotion, indeed.

  1. You stand out

You know how many businesses to experiential advertising? Not that many. This provides an experience for you to stand out from the rest in the perceptions of your audience. People will remember what you do well after the fact. This is important when it comes time to decide what they want, it’s important when they tell their friends about it, and it’s important when they are remembering how wondrous the experience was. Image is everything, and with your competitors exploring other routes, an experiential show will set you apart from just about everyone else in the niche. When the moment comes when your customer is in the store and they are selecting what to buy, every instant from your campaign will pop into their mind. They will associate your company with the fun and joy they had at your activation, the free products they sampled, the spokespeople they talked to, and the full range of emotion they felt. That is exactly what you want. Sure, you may have competitors, but they don’t matter because your fans have such a strong impression of you that there’s no other option. This is what experiential does, and this is just one of the many ways it can accelerate your company.

This kind of marketing is fun! Here is a photo from our Tito's Handmade Vodka campaign.

This kind of marketing is fun! Attendees try beverages at our Tito’s Handmade Vodka campaign.

  1. It’s fun

Experiential campaigns are fun for the businesses and for the customers. Energetic employees communicating with visitors, giving out merchandise and food and feeling entertained causes everyone to feel wonderful. It’s fun not just for us, but for you, and for everyone who goes there. Interacting with your consumers creates good feelings in each person which is the basis for forming a positive impression in the individual’s mind. This is the underlying concept of experiential marketing, and attendees wouldn’t even show up if they weren’t feeling delightful emotions. When you combine all these together, good emotions, fun, new products, employees, brands, and other individuals, you have the makings of something that will remain in the minds of the visitors indefinitely. It’s not just another boring marketing campaign, it’s real and engages people on many senses which forms not only a positive emotion in the minds of the consumers but in the minds of the brand as well. Because of these, our promotions continue to be successful for everyone involved. When people see what we are doing they can’t help but stop by, they want to know what’s happening, what is going on, are they missing out on something? The brand with whom we work love it as does everyone who shows up.

Check us out and contact us to see how we can provide a phenomenal experience for your business.

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