Arguably the favorite dessert amongst Americans is chocolate. One of the favorite chocolatiers in the world is Godiva. If you’re wondering, we may or may not be eating some right now. We’re not saying! Nevertheless, after our first successful activation with Godiva, can you picture our excitement when they asked us to do a second?! Of course we said yes!

Besides our wrapped truck, there were many ways to stay busy

Besides our wrapped truck, there were many ways to stay busy

We created a unique interactive vehicle

Godiva was releasing their Chocolixir, a new beverage, a lighter version of a milkshake that is blended on ice. To promote the new product launch, we created a unique interactive vehicle featuring many Godiva products as well as a portable phone charging locker, Plinko board and corn hole game to engage consumers along each of our tour stops.

Godiva was a proud sponsor of Market Art + Design, the East End’s premier modern and contemporary art fair. It is the fair’s seventh edition and it will return to the town of Bridgehampton. Market Art + Design showcased presentations by 65 top galleries enhanced by a striking and tightly curated design component pulling from dealers and designers from around the world.

The 2017 Market Art + Design Preview, presented by 1stdibs, benefited the Parrish Art Museum – the East End’s leading cultural center. Market Art + Design also worked alongside sponsors and partners like Godiva to create an exciting and extremely visible event for Eastern Long Island and a highlight of the Hamptons’ summer season.

Delicious chocolate truck deliveries

In addition to the promotions mentioned above, the truck distributed chocolate covered strawberries, dark chocolate and vanilla soft serves, and the brand new Chocolixir, among other delicious items.

Play Plinko... win exciting prizes!

Play Plinko… win exciting prizes!

As the most popular chocolatier in the world, Godiva understands the importance of keeping in the public mind, and for this reason they asked Roots to produce the custom truck summer sampling tour to be used as the impression to show the world. As you can see from the photos, we caught the eye of many individuals who stopped to check out what transpired at our fist couple of activations. Guests who wanted could play Plinko, relax under the umbrellas, or take part in a game of corn hole, not to mention sample some goodies from Godiva. If there’s one thing that makes something more enjoyable, it’s chocolate. Don’t believe us? How much would you be enjoying this post if you were eating chocolate right now? I mean, we’re not saying you have to go out and buy some Godiva chocolate right now, but if you wanted to we would understand why.

If you would like to learn more about having our truck used for your marketing activation, please contact us!

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