When Is The Right Time To Begin An Experiential Project

The great benefits a successful experiential marketing program can bring are well known. But to truly succeed with an experiential campaign, brands need to know who to target, where to target, how to target, and most importantly when to target each customer. Unlike traditional marketing campaigns, experiential programs enable brands to truly interact with their customers, and turn each product and service into a tangible experience that will make each shopper better understand the brand, its products, and its services. Experiential marketing companies like Roots³ Productions give brands the opportunity to correctly activate these programs and target their ideal customers at the right time.

Experiential marketing has grown in popularity at a very fast pace, purely because of all the benefits this form of marketing can bring. One of the biggest reasons for its success is from the close interaction that brands have with their customers. Experiential marketing campaigns allow close communication on a personal level, offering unique interactions and making customers experience the brand up close. Additionally, it will give different brands the opportunity to create long lasting relationships with its customers. Companies may also get the chance to promote its products through word of mouth or through each customer’s social media channels. Consequently, this will generate more sales and increase the brand’s awareness to consumers.

Experiential marketing event organized and produced by Root³ Productions to promote Free Phone campaign for MetroPCS.

Experiential marketing event organized and produced by Root³ Productions to promote Free Phone campaign for MetroPCS.

Experiential marketing programs are not only used to create attention on the streets and sample different products; it is also used to become viral using social media channels and most importantly generate press coverage. Many different factors are taken into consideration to successfully execute an experiential program. Therefore, brands need to know when the right time to begin an experiential program is. Brands may use experiential marketing for achieving different goals, either to launch a new program, generate brand awareness, create customer loyalty, diminish the gap between a brand and its customers, or simply to generate a buzz. Experiential programs can be used any time during a campaign depending on what goals need to be reached.

Many new upcoming brands are using experiential marketing to create a buzz and standout from the current oversaturated advertising world. Creating a successful experiential campaign does not necessarily need to break the bank, but when done right, it can be cheaper than other forms of marketing. The campaign can generate a media explosion when activated correctly, and combined with social media can generate an immense success. It is never too late to execute a campaign; it will always depend on the goals each company wants to achieve. Experiential programs allow companies the opportunity to show their fun side and have a personal and fun experience with the customers.

Before starting an experiential program, several factors need to be defined. Four of the most important factors to consider before starting a program are listed below:

Define goals

Before starting a program the most important element to consider is to know what the key messaging will be and what needs to be achieved with the experiential campaign. This will also help measure the effectiveness of the campaign once the program has been executed.

Know the targeted audience 

In order to successfully execute a program, the targeted audience needs to be defined. Knowing the targeted customer will help companies know how, when and where to execute.

Communicate and plan the campaign

Planning is the most important part of the process since it provides all the different alternatives and scenarios where the campaign will take place. Communication is the key for a successful program, since it gives companies the opportunity for flexibility and a chance for a flawless planning and the chance to propose alternative scenarios.

Set a budget

Experiential campaigns can be cost effective but it can also be expensive. Setting the budget will define the size and the impact this campaign will have. If the budget for an experiential campaign is clearly defined from the beginning the campaign can run more smoothly.


Roots³ Productions provides companies the opportunity to show their creative side and think outside the box. A different array of custom campaigns ranging in costs can be tailored to each company’s need and targeted to each goal that these companies would like to achieve. Whether it is to create brand awareness, generate new leads, promote a new product, increase brand loyalty or simply generate media buzz, the best time to begin an experiential program is now!

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