Supporting Your Business With Instagram

What is Instagram?

How can people use it to promote their company?

You probably know Instagram is an app that allows users to post photos they take online to share with their friends. It’s a wonderful way to be able to share photos with everyone you know without much difficulty. Many businesses have begun to use this as well with its ease with which people can share photos of their products. While it’s not only businesses which benefit from it, it’s important to discuss the role it has played in the current age of marketing.

Individuals are able to post photos from anywhere

Individuals are able to post photos from anywhere

If someone sees a product they like, they can take a picture of it and put it online. Other people may see this and like it. The more people who like something, the higher the chance of other people seeing it.

Social customer communication

If a business finds someone has posted a picture of their product, they potentially can comment on the photo which is actually a phenomenal way to stay in contact with their user base.

Companies can post pictures of their own products as well, both to stay fresh in their fans’ minds as well as get the word out about new merchandise. For any business wishing to do this, it’s important to post desirable pictures rather than just plain product photos that people will see and go “eh, what else is out there.” Regularly being on Instagram allows a company to build an emotional connection with their audience. Expanding beyond a companies’ goods, they can also post pictures of their employees. It will give a personal touch to the feel of a business. Instagram may additionally be a good selection for businesses who have a younger customer base. Users who are comfortable with computers may be more likely to even find the images in the first place.

You have the benefit of being able to increase traffic as well. Someone could find your photo and want to visit your website to learn more. More traffic to your website allows for the opportunity of having more customers.

As another feature that sets it apart from various online social platforms, there is no character count limit. You are able to say as much as you want about your business or any services. Remember that people might read whatever you write, however.

The final aspect that makes this a worthy practice is the new feature for ads. You are now allowed to advertise using Facebook resources, and since Facebook purchased them, it makes sense for these two platforms to be combined.

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