The Experiential Process

An illustration of what an Airstream might look like

During the conceptualize stage, our team pulls together inspiration drawings to help visualize our ideas. The photo above shows the beginning stages of the interior design idea for an airstream trailer custom build.

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As an experiential event marketing agency, we have a responsibility to deliver elevated initiatives and creative concepts to our clients based on strategic market analysis and specific campaign goals. With every activation, we are briefed by our client as to what the objectives are in which our team internally collaborates on the best practice to surpass each of those objectives. The process outlined below is a step by step analysis of how we succeed at each campaign and are rapidly becoming one of the most influential experiential agencies in the country.


As soon as our team member receives a client brief, our event marketing agency sets up a meeting with the heads of the department to understand our client’s needs and how to achieve them. Each of our conceptualize meetings is an open door for any member’s inspiration and superior brainstorming to develop the most practical and comprehensive ideas. While this process is outlined as simplistically as possible, this entire meeting could take weeks to finalize perfected concepts.


Once each concept is agreed upon, we then artfully develop an implementation strategy around launching them. The strategy is based on our internal build-out of each concept and how each concept will react to its environment, and more importantly, how consumers or fans will interact with each concept. All angles and theories are answered and tested in this meeting to ensure optimum success when the concept is approved and launched.

This graphic representation of what the stage might look like

Prior to the approval stage, our talented graphic design team takes our concepts and brings them to life with cutting-edge renderings to build a visual storyboard for our client to review. The photo above is step 2 from the initial drawing of the finalized custom airstream concept.


When each concept is explored inside and out, our project team puts together the presentation and cost grid to prepare the package that we send to our client. There is a thorough review of all packages presented prior to submission. Read through, analytical testing and data reviews are conducted to maintain our high level of achievement in the experiential marketing space. While there may be revisions, questions, revised renderings or complete changes to our presented concepts, we continue this cyclical dance with our client until all parties are overjoyed with the upcoming project. As soon as the green light is given by the department heads, the package is submitted to the client for a review and approval.


In the instance that our package is approved by the client, we pull our engineers, fabricators, carpenters, mechanics, graphic artists, coders and designers together to assess the final needs of the project and to determine internal tasks. Each player has an integral role in our active ecosystem and each task is specifically given to the expert in the respective field. Fabrication, depending on the scope of the project, could take days to months to complete and a specific timeline is adhered to in order to always launch our product on time, if not early.

The actual result of what the illustrations had represented

This Tito’s On Tour Airstream photo is the final live product of each step listed here. From Conceptualization to Installation, this custom airstream was built by our team and brought to life as seen here during its maiden voyage across the country for a 66-day national tour.


The day has come to finally install the beautiful activation components. Whether we hit the road with a custom vehicle or build an interactive art installation in the middle of New York City, our Project Manager and Director will streamline the entire process for our client. Permits, if needed, are pre-sorted, and all expert team players are on hand for the install or launch of the activation to bring our magic to life in front of our client’s and their consumers’ eyes. If you need a project of this caliber and you’re in the Big Apple, we are the New York experiential agency that’s up for the challenge!


While the activation concludes, within a day, a week, a month, etc., the completion and strike of our activations are always viewed as a chapter ending with the next chapter on the very near horizon. Our event agency is brought in to strike the event or activation in an efficient manner and the recap team at home base, led by the Project Manager for the activation, is already compiling the data, metrics, photos and video clips to build a comprehensive report which we call a “VCP” or Visual Completion Profile. The VCP acts as a visual representation of the activation and takes many different forms depending on the client’s requests. We may provide a photo presentation, a compilation video, a data grid of activation metrics or an arrangement of multiple components.

Nevertheless, the final recap is gifted to our client as an endearing reminder of our journey together as one collaborative and wholesome team.  The process to achieve ultimate success in experiential marketing and build client relationships is not for the average experiential agency in New York or Los Angeles. In fact, very few agencies in the country handle experiential marketing requests due to time and energy allocated. However, our team at roots³ productions finds absolute bliss in the triumphs we encounter and the challenges we face every day and our continually expanding client roster and our new innovations we are sharing with the world are the most obvious reflection of that feeling.

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