Three Pitfalls of Traditional Advertising Styles

Our impression of a brand is based on our overall total experience

Our impression of a brand is based on our overall total experience

If you read our previous blog, “Five Reasons To Consider Experiential Marketing,” you realized that not only is experiential marketing the current direction that a lot of companies are going in, but that it is more effective than traditional types as well. If you don’t want to read the whole thing (and it’s a long post full of detailed information… but to be warned, this one is, too), we’ll summarize it for you here: it’s more effective because it builds an emotional connection with the customer in a way that nothing else can, and that relationship causes your brand to stay fresh in their mind which essentially makes your brand win out over everyone else. Who would you remember? The vodka company for which you saw an advertisement in the store? Or the vodka company with whom you hung out and had cocktails and chatted with spokesmen and met fun new people?

We rest our case.

Oh, right, on to the list!

1. Normal marketing is often ineffective

Computers, tablets, and cell phones, no one even notices ads anymore

Computers, tablets, and cell phones, no one even notices ads anymore

Nearly everyone is presented with ads routinely. Have you ever been online (we realize you’re reading our blog right now)? There are ads all over. Actually, it has gotten to the point where people don’t even see them anymore. Legitimately, this is a real thing that, as Mediapost explains, is called “banner blindness.” Nearly every website has ads on it and it’s gotten to be an issue that most people don’t even see them anymore. Essentially, people are spending money on ads and on one is seeing them. Well, they are seeing them, but they’re ineffective because no one is paying attention to them. And this is happening all over. Have you ever bought a magazine? We know you probably just go on websites now, but if you’ve bought a magazine recently you probably noticed there are ads in it, too, and you probably don’t pay attention to them, however when you’re done with the magazine you probably wouldn’t even be able to describe the ads you saw. It’s banner blindness, and you probably have it, too.

It’s not only magazines, either. Have you ever seen a commercial on TV? If you don’t stream all your shows commercial free, you probably record them and then skip over the commercials. Like with YouTube ads, all you want to do is watch that video, but you have to sit through an ad first, and you look and see that it’s 5 minutes long, and then suddenly that small button appears that says “skip this ad” and you press it! Success!

Don’t even get us started with radio advertisements. We’ll change the station…

2. When normal marketing is effective, it’s for the wrong reason

Traditional marketing styles may be alienating your potential customers

Traditional marketing styles may be alienating your potential customers

It’s not just that experiential is awesome: it’s that “normal” marketing is kind of off-putting. The purpose of marketing is to advertise merchandise, but more specifically it’s to make people remember your brand, but marketing has been going in a new direction recently in order to do the thing it’s designed to do. It has become very annoying. Literally. Think of some of the advertisements you’ve seen on TV recently. They aren’t designed to tell you about a product, they are designed to be quite annoying so they stay in your mind. Do you remember “head on! Apply directly to the forehead! Head on! Apply directly to the forehead!”? Sure, it was effective, but everyone hated it (that’s not a scientific opinion, but we’re pretty sure it’s right). Of course it was effective in the short term, but is that product around anymore?

You want your brand to be around for a long time. Look at our clients, Godiva, Heidi, Icelandic, these are actual brands that have been around for a while and want to stay around for a while. These quick tricks of annoying advertising are not the ideal solution for them, and if you’re reading this blog they’re probably not the right solution for your brand, either. Companies want to make an impression, but they want it to be the correct kind. Being irritating will definitely keep you in people’s minds, but not for the right reason. Impression is everything. You want people to say “oh yeah, that’s your brand, they’re awesome,” not “oh yeah, that’s your brand, they had those annoying commercials…”

So do those things work? Yeah, but not for the right reasons, and just because you remember a company doesn’t mean that you have a good feeling about them. Your feelings toward a brand determine if you will become a customer. Remember this in part 2, by the way, because we’re going to talk a lot about feeling and how it effects customers’ perceptions. In fact, part 2 is going to be centered around the final pitfall of traditional advertising and the reason that experiential provides such a massively more effective outcome. Hint: it’s all based around feeling.

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