Icelandic Glacial | Double Decker Bus Sampling Tour (NYC)


Create a custom mobile tour on a double-decker bus with a memorable consumer experience on behalf of Icelandic Glacial.

attendees wait by the Icelandic bus a visitor looks at a bottle of icelandic water


Operate our wrapped double-decker bus and take it out of service for one activation day and create a custom tour for an immersive hop on/off experience throughout Times Square, Columbus Circle, Bryant Park, and Central Park.  Included on the bus was a live DJ and digital  social media photo booth on the upper deck and a complete re-haul of the interior of the bus with a branded sampling bar, LED product shelving and crafted props to produce an authentic Icelandic cave all of which was paired with our exclusive brand model team to engage and connect with every consumer and passenger along the tour and at each stop in New York City.

people on the icelandic bus enjoy some views attendees get their photo taken at the event

more visistors get their photos taken with bottles collaborating on top of the bus


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some photos posted on instagram twitter got a lot of photos of people with icelandic items extended examples of twitter photos

extra images of people with icelandic items

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