Plainville Farms | Sampling Truck Tour | New York City


Create a unique mobile vehicle 3 day sampling tour in New York City surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election

In a downtown area the plainville farms advertisement attracts shoppersTHE EXECUTION

Utilize our vintage food truck, fabricate a massive turkey prop to install along the sides and roof of the vehicle, build in digital data capture with a turkey contest incentive all while sampling Plainville Farms turkey sandwiches and giving branded collateral to fans throughout New York City.

Each day had a select permitted activation space accompanied by a predetermined tour route for an 8hr activation. Permitted Spaces: Columbus Circle, Bryant Park and Union Square.

viewers line up to try Plainville Farms

GRAND TOTAL IMPS from Activation: 21,040,243
GRAND TOTAL Engagements from Activation: 10,453
Total IMPS from 3 Day Truck Sampling Tour: 6,773,800
Brochures & Coupons Distributed: 3,500+
Sandwich Samples Distributed: 2,100
Video Footage: Over 6 hours of video footage captured (mostly interviews and content for creating online videos and about 30 minutes from the Times Square Tour)

attendees stand and wait while munchies are handed outcompany models are photographed in front of the promotionA few guests in front of the advertisement


Uncommon Candidate story pitched to 117 different outlets with main emphasis on national media (primary), grocery/poultry/food media (secondary) and local/digital media (tertiary)
Contact level: Editor, Editor-In-Chief, or a senior writer (who would have taken the assignment)
Out of 117, 11 entities picked up the story for a total of 9.40% lift
11 entities that covered event or ran press release:
visitors pose for a picture by the promotionThe Daily Meal (13.9 million uniques)
Meat and Poultry (38,500 uniques)
Wall Street Journal (41,316,931 uniques)
Today’s Grocer (national trade) (Unpublished)
Brandchannel (458,000 uniques)
News on 6 (Oklahoma) (Local – Texas) (1,602,210 uniques)
News Channel 10 (Local – Texas) (131,000 uniques)
Oyster Bay Enterprise Pilot (2,305 uniques)
Massapequa Observer (10,516 uniques)
The Street (5,699,181 uniques)
Farm to Table (national digital) (Unpublished)

GRAND TOTAL IMPS from PR: 63,158,643+

plainville farms on channel 10





News Channel 10 – November 2-8, 2016 (Amarillo, TX)
Target Audience: Amarillo residents
Monthly Uniques: 131,000


plainville farms on yahoo finance




Yahoo! Finance – November 2, 2016
(Global Financial Publication)
Target Audience: Financial Industry
Monthly Uniques: 50,957,537


wall street journal did a story on plainville farms



Wall Street Journal – November 2-8, 2016 (Business Daily)
Target Audience: Business/Trade
Monthly Uniques: 41,316,931



farm to table mentioned plainville farms in a blog





Farm to Table – November 2-8, 2016 (National Digital/Blog)
Target Audience: Foodies/Millennials
Monthly Uniques: Unpublished


the daily meal promoted plainville farms after roots3 productions demonstrated them





Daily Meal – November 2-8, 2016 (Digital News Magazine)
Target Audience: Foodies, Millennials
Monthly Uniques: 13.9 million



plainville farms was featured on meat and poultry





Meat and Poultry – November 2-8, 2016 (Meat Industry Trade)
Target Audience: Meat Industry
Monthly Uniques: 38,500


plainville farms was featured in the street once the display was over





The Street – November 2-8, 2016 (Finance/Business)
Target Audience: Finance Industry
Monthly Uniques: 5,699,181


plainville farms was on news on 6 to promote their display





News On 6 – November 2-8, 2016 (Local – Oklahoma)
Target Audience: Oklahoma residents
Monthly Uniques: 1,602,210


plainville farms was in oyster bay enterprise pilot after the marketing




Oyster Bay Enterprise-Pilot – November 2-8, 2016 (Local – Oyster Bay)
Target Audience: Local
Monthly Uniques: 2,305


massapequa observer discussed plainville farms once the gathering was over




Massapequa Observer – November 2-8, 2016 (Local – Massapequa)
Target Audience: Local
Monthly Uniques: 10,516

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