Tito’s Handmade Vodka | On Tour To Celebrate America (USA)


Create a nationwide mobile tour to promote “Tito’s on tour” and celebrate America.


Custom fabricate a vintage Airstream trailer with a hydratilt gullwing to open with a turnkey interior. The interior build included a full-service copper and restored wood bar, custom lounge leather seating and photo/digital area with electrical charging stations throughout the vehicle. The tour was based on historic route 66 and stretched from New York City to San Francisco.


  • Total # of cities traveled: 37
  • Total # of miles: 6,500 miles
  • Total # of events executed: 66
  • Total # of states visited: 16
  • Total # of consumer activation impressions: 125,500
  • Total # of Tito’s handmade vodka samples: 17,000
  • Total # of touring/driving impressions: 66,000,000+


a view of the inside of the busPicture of the truck with hatches shuttito's van propping entrance open



  • “One of the things that is so great about working with a family company is knowing the person you are talking to is accountable and empowered. So often with huge companies, there is a pass the buck mentality that keeps individual team members from owning their decisions. Roots is the opposite of that. The team is highly invested in the deliverable. And empowered by ownership to make decisions to move the process forward and make it happen for the client.”
  • “At times, it felt like the roots crew was an extension of our team. I feel certain they have other clients. But it never once felt that way. We felt like their #1 priority at all times. With a dedicated team totally focused on the success of our program.”
  • “Roots listens. They genuinely heard our challenge and developed plans to meet our needs rather than trying to push their own agenda. We have a unique culture with lots of strong personalities and they adapted beautifully to those idiosyncrasies. The Airstream itself was beyond our wildest dreams. Too often, something looks great on paper but fails depressingly short in execution. Once again, this was the other way around. We had no idea the centerpiece of this activation was going to turn out so beautifully! It is now the crown jewel of our activation fleet. And the bar against all others will be judged.”

*written by the VP of brand marketing at Tito’s Handmade Vodka – Nicole Portwood

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